What are the things the child in the fair? (2023)

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What are the things the child in the fair?

Answer: The child sees toys, flowering mustard field, dragonflies, butterflies, doves, a huge crowd of people entering the fair, sweet shops, garlands of gulmohar, rainbow-colored balloons, a snake charmer playing a flute and a roundabout swing.

What were the things which attracted the child most in the fair answer?

Answer: The boy was attracted to toys, balloons and sweets in the fair. He got fascinated with the flute music being played by the snake charmer.

What are the things the child sees on the fair why does he lag behind?

He sees dragon flies and butterflies fluttering their wings. He also sees little insects and worms along the footpath. The child lags behind because he is fascinated by all the things coming on his way to the fair. He follows the dragon flies and butterflies with his gaze and tries to catch them.

What were the things the child was attracted to on the footpath?

He ran towards his parents gaily and walked abreast of them for a while, being, however, soon left behind, attracted by the little insects and worms along the footpath that were teeming out from their hiding places to enjoy the sunshine.

What things attracted the child and he wanted to possess?

At first he wanted a burfi, then a garland of gulmohur flowers, next some colourful balloons, after that he was attracted by the snake charmer and finally he wanted a ride on the roundabout.

What are the things that attracted the child in the fair from the lost child?

Ans. The boy was attracted to toys, balloons and sweets in the fair. He got fascinated with the flute music being played by the snake charmer. While watching the roundabout swing he got separated from his parents.

What was the first thing that attracted the child?

Answer: Right till the time he loses his parents, the child is attracted to it. several things that he sees on his way. At first it is the toys being sold at the wayside shops.

What did the children like most in the fair?


Why did the child lose interest in the things he wanted earlier?

The child loses interest in the things he had wanted earlier because he is lost and desperately wants to be reunited with his parents.

How did the attract the children?

Expert-Verified Answer

The baker attracted the children not by his jingle or by the loaves of bread he sold but attracted the children by the bread bangles or the special sweet bread he sold. ... Traditional sweet bread, known as bol is to be given with marriage gifts.

What did the child wanted to have at the flowers of?

A garland of roses.

What kind of things do little boys like?

Toddler boys enjoy fun toys and interactive toys that allow them to explore their curiosity about the world and learn new skills. Must have toddler toys include things like building blocks, simple puzzles, musical instruments, stuffed animals, robot toys, coloring books, pop-up books, or age-appropriate ride-on toys.

What is that desire most of your child?

Unconditional Love

When we love our kids unconditionally, we teach them the value and essence of the same. To love and be loved, are two things that give children the feeling of being accepted.

What values does the child possess?

The 10 Most Important Values for Children
  • Honesty. For your children to develop honesty, you must be honest yourself. ...
  • Manners. Having good manners is another essential value to teach your children. ...
  • Responsibility. ...
  • Respect. ...
  • Love. ...
  • Consideration. ...
  • Perseverance. ...
  • Courage.
Nov 24, 2022

What does the child want to do?

What does the child want to do? Answer: The child wants to play with the sky, sun, winds, birds, trees, grass and bees.

Who rescued the lost child?

Ans: The man in the shrine rescued the lost child. He lifted him up in his arms and tried to soothe him. He took him to the nearest roundabout swing and offered to buy him flowers, balloons and sheets. Ques 8: Parents were in a hurry to reach the fair but the child was delaying them.

What do you think in the end does the child find his parents?

Towards the end, I think that the child reunites with his parents. The man who found the boy crying picked him up and showed him around the fair to cheer him up. As the child only wanted his parents, I feel that the man would try to search for his parents and try his best to unite them.

At what point in the fair did the child lose his parents?

Answer: The Lost Child is the story of a small child who gets lost at a fair. In this story, the child had gone with his parents to the fair but loses them when he gets engrossed in looking at a roundabout swing.

What are the things in a fair?

We can see various stalls in a fair. These stalls sell different items such as toys,snacks,food,home products,decorative articles, jewellery,etc. We can see many game stalls in a fair. We can see many different amusement rides in a fair.

What are the two items which children enjoy in a fair?

There are many children at the fair. They are enjoying their rides at the fair. They have come with their parents. The children are buying balloons and toys.

What attracted the child the most?

It was the roundabout which attracted the child most in the fair.

What things attract you the most in a fair?

Expert-Verified Answer

Sweetmeat seller selling delicious sweets, flowers seller was selling fragrant flowers, balloon seller selling colorful balloons, and there were many rides and swings available, and many more attractions were available that attracted his attention.

What were the attraction and tempted for the child at the fair?

On reaching the fair he is first tempted by the goodies being sold by the sweetmeat seller and then by the colourful balloons of the balloon-seller. Next, he is drawn by the sound of the snake charmer, and finally, he is mesmerized by the roundabout with children and adults enjoying the rides.

What things attracted the child at the fair why does the child lose interest in the things that he had wanted earlier?

The child loses interest in the things he had wanted earlier because he is lost and desperately wants to be reunited with his parents. He is afraid of being alone and becomes anxious. Was this answer helpful?

Why did the parents call the child?

Answer. Answer: The parents called the child because he had lagged behind on a toy shop .

Who saved the child's life and how?

Expert-Verified Answer

The man who had saved the child had a heart full of sincerity. He did not avoid the sad shrieks of the boy calling for his parents. Staking his own protection, he bent down in the crowd for rescuing the child from getting crushed.

What are the things that attracts?

Things That Attract a Man to a Woman
  • A Smile. A smile is the best gift you can give, and it's even better when it comes from your partner. ...
  • A Sense of Humour. A sense of humour is another quality that attracts men to women. ...
  • Intelligence. ...
  • Eye Contact. ...
  • Confidence. ...
  • Body Type. ...
  • Personality Traits. ...
  • Dressing Sense.
Aug 25, 2022

What were the things sold at the fair?

Clothes, sweets, toys, and jewellery are sold in stalls and shops at a fair.

Why does the child like to go in a swing?

Why is it that most individuals enjoy swinging, especially kids? Swinging stimulates different parts of a child's brain simultaneously. Swinging helps the brain develop skills such as spatial awareness, balance, rhythm, and muscle control.

Was the child scared of his father?

In the chapter, The Lost Child, the child was tempted by many things but he asked for them only in slow murmurs. This shows that he was scared of his father and could not express his demands as rightfully as some other children do.

Why does the lost child lose interest in the things?

A. The lost child loses interest in the things that he wanted earlier because now his heart was full of sadness ,as he has lost his parents . He was in a great fear and insecurity . That is why he loses interest in all other things .

What does the child refuses to all the attractive things so towards the end?

Answer: The child's refusal to all the attractive things shows that the bond between the child and parents is above everything.

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